This 1974 Detomaso Pantera L Coupe will be displaying at the Hallandale FESTIVALS OF SPEED November 13th.

It was originally sold at the Ft Lauderdale Lincoln Mercury dealership in October 1974 and this Pantera De Tomaso was fully restored in 2004.

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About the Detomaso Pantera L Coupe

The Pantera was De Tomaso’s biggest commercial success and the model car we associate most with the De Tomaso name. Produced for a full 20 years, the Pantera truly solidified the manufacturer as a high-volume supercar producer, with its arresting good looks, mid-engine layout, V-8 performance and a relatively affordable price.

With over 7,000 units produced from 1971 to 1991, the Pantera was De Tomaso’s answer to the Mangusta model with the initial construction upgrade being the Pantera’s new steel monocoque chassis design. With additional fit and feel design changes made to the Pantera’s original debuted design, Ford began importing Panteras for the American market. The first cars sent to the US were simply Italian imports and are known for their strictly European details and the absence of American standard finishings, such as comprehensive rust-proofing and quality fit and finishes. Ford then became more immersed in the production of the later models which resulted in a large improvement in overall quality. Numerous revisions were made to the 1972 model. A new Cleveland 351 Engine was used with a lower compression ratio to meet US emissions standards and run on lower octane fuel, and a more aggressive “Cobra Jet” camshaft was used to attempt to regain a portion of the power lost through the lower compression.

In 1972, the Pantera L (L standing for the Italian word “lusso” meaning luxury) was released. The US market saw the new large black single front bumper with a built-in airfoil to reduce front end lift at high speeds, and the 266 net hp Cleveland engine. These modifications, along with a host of others, compelled Road Test Magazine to name the ‘73 Pantera as “Import Car of the Year”. And history was made.

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