Reader’s Ride: It is a Silver C5 Corvette with original chrome rims. It’s got a custom Corsa exhaust system and has lowered suspension (1 inch). The car also has a custom fuel mapping upgrade.

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About Corvette C5

The Corvette C5 was produced by Chevrolet from 1997-2004 with a new hydroformed box frame and a new LS1 engine with the tranny in the rear for superior handling over its predecessor, the C4. Regularly seen pacing the Indy 500, the new Active Handling System option and HUD were welcome additions, along with new wheel styles, paint colors, and a few more options to keep the modern Corvette lover on the edge of their seats. Although the 1998 model was produced only as a convertible, in 1999 Chevy produced a hard-top (or “fixed-roof coupé”) version for those who didn’t prefer the open-air experience but loved the style of the original C5.

The C5 also boasted better fuel economy than most sports cars (18/25 mpg) due to its light weight construction, and offered more trunk space than any other convertible, making it one of the most preferred high-performance street cars on the market. Even with 345 bhp, and the ability to go 0-60mph in just over 5 seconds, the C5 handles like a dream. There’s virtually no shake or rattle to this high performer, even at top speed. The perfect complement for those looking for a sports car that’s easy to drive, look at, and own.

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