Modifications- Supercharged Mustang GT 2003, dual fuel pumps, 3.73 gears, lowering springs, 70mm throttle body, dragon plenum,  Cobra brakes & slotted rotors, Boyd Cottingtom rims, Nitto 555 tires, x-pipe, flowmaster, wing and scoops removed and body trim from a 2001 Bullitt added.

Story- I bought the Mustang GT 2003 new and built it up exactly the way I wanted- both performance wise as well as appearance.  All work was performed by Steeda, Ft. Lauderdale except body work.  By removing the wing and scoops, I gave the car a more streamlined look.  A yellow car with aluminum rims stands out enough without the wing.  Vortech S trim supercharger help this car put out 386 RWHP.

Owner- Lou in Coral Springs, Florida – Founder of Screaming Cars
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