Presenting the most Sinister Lamborghini on the market with just 13k miles With the Performance, Appearance and the Sound to put in in a class of its own! Allow us to introduce to you this fine example of the 2009 Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 Part of our hand selected collection by Tony Rienzi of

Satin Black Wrapped Murcielago

Freshly Service and just wrapped in Satin Black. One of thee most aggressive & stealthed out Murcielago Coupes on the market. No expenses spared on setting this car up to be one of the baddest sport riders available For Questions and more info on this Lamborghini contact Tony Rienzi at (561) 346-6911 List of Upgrades are, 1. Kevlar Clutch 2. Egear actuator 3. Egear accumulator 4. Oil change (200) ago 5. Replace spark plugs (200) miles ago 6. Red accent brake calibers and intake covers 7. Custom 20/21 wheels 8. Existing Factory wheels with new track slicks 9.custom 12inch sub whoofer 10. 400watt Sun-D amp 11. 400×4 mid/high amp 12. Tune for 616 HP at wheels 708Hp at crank.

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