The “Elisse” is a 2010 Lotus Evora Launch Edition…Dubbed the “Sublime Supercar”, it’s handling surpasses that of any other car I’ve driven. Pick your favorite handling car, drive it all week, then get into the Evora, and you will say “Wow, whoever set up the handling on my regular car just doesn’t get it.” Intimate road feel is combined with the comfort you might expect in a Mercedes. It tells you where every bump in the road can be found, but is not jostled nor disturbed by any of it. And the English leather is so supple and fragrant. Makes German leather feel like hard plastic. Perfectly weighted, it loves to take just a little air over a crest and settles perfectly back on all fours. Rev it high, and the eagerness of the throttle will overcome you, belying it’s Toyota-sourced V6 powerplant.

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