Modifications: Boss style hockey stripes, labled Coyote 302, coyote badging, pypes, pype bomb muffler delete exhaust.

Story: My dealer wanted to “Clone” it as a Boss, but I said it’s NOT a Boss, I wanted to stay true to Ford’s new “Coyote” 5.0L 302, so I had custom stripes made, and after remembering my parents were big fans of the Roadrunner/Coyote cartoon, I followed that theme and had small running Coyote designed for the rear 1/4 panels.  I also Incorporated a 5ft tall Wile E Coyote as my mascot, she has gotten a lot of attention and has won 2 1st place trophies in local car shows.  She has 8000 miles on her and she still brings a smile to faces when they see Wile E. beside me .  In my own way it’s a dedication to both my parents may they RIP.

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