Side bars and sidesteps serve multiple purposes for the van, truck, SUV, and even car. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, they are fully functional allowing easy access into a larger styled vehicle. Side bars and steps are affixed to the vehicles exterior and can be used by both adults and children who need extra assistance with higher entries. The side bar can also act as a protective barrier when parking in smaller spaces. This allows the vehicle to have insulation against potential nicks, scratches, and bumps which other automobiles may cause. Most importantly, side bars and side steps are one of the most convenient ways to easily enter a larger pickup truck and they provide effortless convenience while  increasing the vehicle’s overall value.

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Wide Range of Steps & Bars Available

Auto Styling offers a wide range of different side steps and side bars depending on the make and model of the vehicle. Some of the models currently available include:

Audi                       Hyundai               Skoda

BMW                     Jeep                      Ssang

Chrysler               Lada                       Suzuki

Dacia                     Mazda                  Vauxhall

Daihatsu              Mitsubishi           VW

Flat                         Peugeot               Toyota

Great Wall           Renault & More

Misutonida side steps for trucks

The type of sidebar and side steps can be selected according to the make and model of the vehicle as well as personal preference. One of the most popular options is one that is manufactured by Misutonida. These side steps and bars are sure to improve the appearance of any vehicle and with a polished and gleaming stainless steel finish, the look of the car, van, truck, or SUV will be immediately enhanced. All Misutonida bars and steps have been carefully designed and manufactured to result in the highest available quality. In addition, each piece is hand polished to deliver a shiny and appealing finish that is attractive on any vehicle.

Cobra side steps for trucks

Cobra offers a range of high quality side steps and side bars for a variety of different vehicles. This is a quality brand that is also highly popular and is available in stainless steel and black finishes. Cobra side steps and side bars can be installed onto cars, trucks, vans, or SUVs and are very easy to install.

The side steps are aluminum chequer plated and the side bars with steps offer moulded non-slip steps with bars.

Ultimately side bars and side steps work perfectly for any vehicle owner who wants to slightly modify their vehicle by making it more easily accessible to its passengers. Sleek designs and polished finishes make these additions attractive on vehicles of any model. For more information about purchasing from Autostyling, visit their online store at

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