Auto Styling Truckman offers a wide variety of different hardtops for almost every vehicular make and model. The hardtops are manufactured in their West Midlands factory and reflect the highest quality craftsmanship and skill in the auto accessory industry. Servicing the UK as well as processing international shipments, Auto Styling Truckman is one of the leading suppliers of hardtops worldwide.

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Choose from a wide variety of 4×4 hardtops

There are a variety of different products to choose from when selecting a hardtop for your vehicle. Some of the styles represented include luxury hardtops, sporty hardtops, practical, and also completely accessorized hard tops and canopies. No matter what type of hardtop you are looking for, Auto Styling Truckman can supply it. They even specialize in custom fitted hardtops which is done onsite at their West Midlands warehouse. The 4×4 hardtops are manufactured for a wide array of vehicles including Ford, Isuzu, Great Wall, Land Rover, Nissan, Mazda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, and VW.

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Specialty and custom manufactured tops

In addition to the standard 4×4 hardtops, Auto Styling Truckman also creates specialty tops which are only available to purchase directly from Truckman or from an authorized reseller:

Truckman AeroTop – Offering simplicity and ease of install, the AeroTop requires no drilling and has an even alignment with the truck’s exterior. There are three different models to choose from including the AeroTop SX which is the most fully featured AeroTop for style and function. The AeroTop SE is a luxury top while the AeroTop RS is suited for both the commercial and leisure drivers.

Truckman High Roof Hardtops – This top works ideally for drivers who require a large load capacity from their pickup trucks. High roof hardtops are hardy, and have the capability for extensive storage. Available with easy access features such as left and right side access, double side access doors or solid sides, this hardtop provides functionality through increased cargo space with the added versatility of multiple access points.

Truckman Grand, GLS, S-Series, Solid Sided – The GLS S-Series blends seamlessly with your vehicle to result in a fully finished end product. Completely flush with the sides of your vehicle, this hardtop is almost indiscernible with a painted finish to match the manufacturers exact paint codes. The S-Series offers added security with remote locking, roof bars, automatic interior lights and many more features.

Auto Styling Truckman has established itself as the leading supplier of automotive hardtops within the UK and around the world. Auto Styling Truckman is a trusted brand, producing quality craftsmanship and the products manufactured are always the most well-constructed and long-lasting. Auto Styling Truckman also provides options for customizing your hardtop including tinted windows, roof vents, security grilles and meshing.

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