What is “Combustion Chamber”? It is your show.

Casey J Porter created, “Combustion Chamber” for car enthusiasts, by car enthusiasts. Hosted by Casey and Stephanie Alicia the show features unique cars and trucks of all years, makes, and models. Casey started the show because regular car owners didn’t have a modern outlet for their cars.

Casey explains, “Over the past few years’ specialty car magazines have gone out of print.  T.V. shows featured mostly celebrities and the latest automotive trends. Which is just fine, and we will feature some pretty wild rides too. But I felt the average car enthusiasts didn’t really have a strong outlet on video.”

He continues, “There are some really great cars and trucks that would never be seen print or be featured on a major show.  They are so well built and have such great stories behind them, that I decided they needed an outlet.  That’s why I created Combustion Chamber.”

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Future episodes feature everything from a Ferrari 458 Italia, a Holden Commodore Ute, to a 1937 Flat-Head Ford truck. Stephanie hosts episodes as well and is no stranger to turning wrenches.

As Casey says, “I’ve worked with Stephanie for years on various projects and she just seemed like a natural fit for the show. She’s no stranger to cars and has even done major maintenance work herself.”

As for why Stephanie decided to be on the show, she says, “I’ve always loved custom cars and trucks. When the opportunity to co-host Combustion Chamber presented itself, I had to say yes.”

Casey explains, “Combustion Chamber is really my way of sharing my love of cars and telling the stories of everyday people and the cars they drive. It’s about the passion, and sometimes downright obsession, we have for our rides.”

Combustion Chamber features new episodes every Thursday only on YouTube.

Episode #1 12/1/16

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