Leather steering sheath and grey center console

Every vehicle belongs to a particular class of vehicles and Ford Mondeo is member of SUV segment. Replacing Falcon is not an easy task but the vehicle has come up with active safety features and frugal engine to prove a superior alternate than the predecessor. Its appearance is now expressing improved performance through sharp body design particularly when you look at it parked alone at a space. Front is now more interesting with peculiar Ford grille and low ride height of a wagon is very unique. Front pillars are not ideally designed and driver’s view gets impaired so visibility may seem poor. Inside the car you feel that material used to build the cabin is excellent. Leather steering sheath and grey plastic for center console are making quite a good impression for this family car. Comparatively it is not as good as other European cars of the segment but still it offers decent and comfortable environment to the riders so you surely enjoy the calm and cool interior. It is better because it offers more than you expect.

Cabin space is more than a medium sized vehicle

It is a medium sized vehicle but the cabin space is even more than that. Large seats are definitely cozy and supportive at the same time so a long journey may not feel you tired. The riders will find a number of storage spaces and practicality is quite good and your things would not remain scattered. Door pockets are big and deep but are not partitioned so things you put in may rattle and create unwanted noise. Second row seats’ occupants also enjoy enough legroom even if they are taller than average height. Full length sunroof can be problematic that is standard in Titanium grade as it takes away head room from rear row passengers.

Visibility for driver and technology features

The luggage area is capable of holding 730 liters of cargo if stuffed upto roof. If second row seats sacrificed than cargo capacity is raised to more than sixteen hundred liters but it is not easy to do. Other than A pillars visibility is excellent for driver so driving becomes easier. Technology features are just like any other modern day mid sized vehicle but easy to use navigation system is quite outstanding. Voice control system is excellent because it allows you to command through your voice. Parking is tough and you do not have a reverse parking aide.

Four cylinder engine of turbocharged technology

It is rightly priced wagon with almost all the features you seek in a vehicle of this segment. Yes it is refined, easy to use technology is there with decent engine performance. Four cylinder engine of 2.0 liter turbocharged technology is used for this vehicle that is functioned by dual clutch and six speed automatic transmissions for front wheels. The diesel engine is even less powered than 2.0 liter petrol engine but fuel economy is superior. We clutch version has been introduced because the dry clutch making things problematic. So now you will find gearbox smoother than ever. Visit http://www.usedenginesforsale.co.uk/ to read more about Ford Mondeo.

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