Auto Styling Truckman is a leading innovator of products and accessories for the car, truck and MVP. With many product accessories available it is easy to customize your vehicle to have the look and feel that suits your personal preference. Front bars are one of the unique and functional products available through Auto Styling Truckman, the leading manufacturer of hard tops and accessories for a variety of different vehicular makes and models. When styling and detailing your car, consider front styling with front bars for added protection.

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Crash tested and certified

Front bars give your vehicle a strong presence and a commanding appearance while serving as a barrier against bumps and collisions. They are available for a wide range of different vehicle types including 4X4s, pickups, cars and vans. Auto Styling stocks two main types of front bars which are Cobra and Misutonida. Both types are fully TUV certified and EU compliant to adhere to established UK laws. The certifications signify that the bar has been tested in a crash simulator to ensure that if in contact with a pedestrian, any sustained damage would be less than that of an automobile without front bars. This is another advantage to installing front bars on your vehicle.

Compatible vehicles

The front bars supplied by Auto Styling Truckman are fully compatible with a wide range of different vehicles including:

Audi                        Mercedes              Citroen                                   Peugeot

Chrsyler                 Nissan                     Daihatsu                                 Skoda

Dacia                      Renault                  Fiat Front Bars                      Subaru

Dodge                    Ssang Yong            Honda                                    Toyota

Ford                        Suzuki                     Isuzu                                       Volvo

Hyundai                 Vauxhall                 Kia

Jeep                        VW                          Mazda

Land Rover            Chevrolet              Mitsubishi×4-van-and-car-accessories/

Front bars can be affixed easily and result in a classy and edgy look for your vehicle. Spotlights can be added to upgrade the overall impact while increasing functionality.

Cobra Front Bars

Cobra is one of the manufacturers of durable and exceptionally constructed front bars, also known as A- bars and is one of the main suppliers for Auto Styling Truckman. These bars are built to last and are composed of the highest quality stainless steel. The majority of A-Bars produced by Cobra is sized at 60 mm and can be attached to your automobile with ease.

Mustonida Front Bars

These stylish front bars have a durable composition of stainless steel that has been hand polished for maximum style and effect. Made from a supplier who has been in business for over a quarter century, the end result is reflective of the accuracy, skill and precision of a master constructor. They are sized with 76 mm or 63 mm tubing. With a durable make that may even outlast your vehicle, a front bar from Misutonida is a sure bet.

Front bars are safe, stylish, and functional and are an easy and simple way to upgrade the look of your vehicle. Auto Styling Truckman has clearly supplied another winning accessory for today’s vehicle owner.

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