There are many manufacturers in the market who build muscle cars, but there some people who want to build muscle car on their own. This article is intended for those people.

A muscle car is made up of lightweight chassis and it is preferably a two door with rear wheel in late 1960’s but started to rebuild with massive engines thereafter.

Well here are the steps that demonstrate the process of building a muscle car for any reason.

First, planning is foremost activity to be performed in any kind of activity whether it is building a car or home. To start building a muscle car, hire a reputable automotive designer that creates a rendering of the car according to your specification. The purpose of this task to have an idea about how the end product will look like, such as paint scheme, interior, wheels, tires and colour. If you feel there are any modifications, then you can make them as the work progresses.

Second, have a budget on paper for building muscle car. This can be done with a hard copy of rendering. With rendering copy, figure out how much are you willing to spend on your muscle car.

For estimation of the budget, start researching prices for the parts you may feel required according to rendering copy. First do rough estimation for all the parts required during the process of building muscle car. Remember to have funds in hand a little higher than your estimated amount, say 10 percent to cover the miscellaneous expenses.

Third, start finding a car chassis to begin with. To make the process little easier find a car with little rust, holes etc. These sort of vehicles are found at scarp yards. Make sure to research about the vehicle before you purchase because there are chances that vehicle that you are going to buy is stolen. Ask for the VLN number of the car. With VLN number you can find out the make, model, colour, and year of the car.

After finding a car for building or rebuilding a muscle car, it is important to be careful when you are unwinding all the parts of the car. Make sure to keep the parts in area where you can easily accessible.

After unwinding all the parts of the car, start stripping. There are several methods to strip a car and it varies in price from company to company that is performing the task. The most common method is to do by media blasting, where the particles of walnuts and plastic are used. Soda method is other method, where baking soda is used at high pressure that leaves the car with a clean, shiny look.

The engine is most important part of the car that you are going to build. The engine you buy must suit the horsepower you would like your car to have. Call different manufacturer for prices and find a best deal on your motor.

Suspension and breaks should also be selected within the time before the car comes back after painting process. Call some competitors and find out best deal.

Wheels and tires are also most important part to pay your attention towards them. When buying tires and wheels, keep in mind that muscle cars are built keeping driver in mind, meaning the front of the car in lower than back. Make sure to choose the wheel and tires that are compatible to muscle cars.

Once your car is back form paint, you are almost to finish because you are done by gathering all the parts of the car and that only needs to be bolted on. Take enough time to fit them accurately before you bring the car on road.

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