How do I buy a muscle car? It may look simple for some experts but for others it is tough task to choose and make a decision. For this reason I thought it would make sense to answer this question in this article. This article is for a person who is new to muscle car world. If you want to own one muscle car but have no idea on how to go about.

Buying a muscle car go thorough a series of steps like

• Determining the make and model of the muscle car you want
• Determining how to use the car
• Determining the price range and payment method
• Purchase insurance, evaluate the car and drive home.

First, decide how you want to use the car. This is critical one that you need to analyse before you go out for purchasing. Based on this you can determine other aspects like make, model, price etc. it is important because until and unless you determine the purpose of the car purchase how can you go out and choose the specification of it.

Here are common uses of the car. See which one suits for you.

• For racing purpose
• Investment
• Car show winner
• Drive anywhere
• Weekend drive

Racing purpose is quite straight forward but must be determined before you buy because it must be specifically designed to run. You can make any type of car to run but one that is specifically designed will run free flowing, have hopped up engine and transmission and sparse interior.

Investment purpose: this is the car brought strictly for its potential growth in value. The purpose of this purchase is to sell latter for higher price.

Car show winner: the purpose of this purchase is to participate in car shows. As a general rule of thumb, only cars that are popular in model will fit this purpose.

Weekend drive: the purpose of this buy is to drive in weekends. For this it does not require to have high performance engine nor does it require having $20k paint work. Its real goal is to comfortably run.

Second, determine the make and model of the car. Once you have arrived at the purpose for which you are looking to buy a muscle car, start looking at different makes of the car. There are many manufacturers that are specialized in muscle cars. For example: ford and GM.

Try to locate a car that fits your purpose of purchase. Try to do enough research before you arrive at particular choice. Jot down all the make and models that you think suits your purpose. With having a list of makes and models, start doing specific research and comparison regarding the performance, reliability and effectiveness of the car.

Once you have arrived at car that fits you purpose, start taking a look at the price ranges and payment methods from different dealers. Confirm everything in writing with dealers before you make a final agreement. If the price is within your range and dealer accepts your payment methods, do not delay as the offers do not last long. Get the car out of showroom and drive to your home.

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