Auto Styling Truckman carries a full line of tonneau covers for a variety of different pick up trucks. Each product is either manufactured by Auto Styling or is produced by one of their partner manufacturers. The end result is always a high quality product built with exceptional craftsmanship and superior design. The Jack Rabbit Full Metal Retractable cover is one of the products available for sale on the Auto Styling website. This fully featured bed cover offers simplicity, convenience, and effortless style in one complete package.

The Jack Rabbit by Pace Edwards

The Jack Rabbit Full Metal Retractable cover is one of the most simplistic yet effective tonneau covers available on the market. It is hardy and durable while it is built for simplicity and complete ease of use. Some of the features inclusive within the Jack Rabbit Full Metal Retractable cover are:

  • Built-in Pull Strap For Easy Handling
  • Durable Aluminum Coated Material
  • Full Length Handle & Over the Tailgate Seal
  • Clamp-in Design with No Drilling Needed
  • Independent Latch & Handle System
  • Heavy Duty Spring for Easy Retraction

This fully featured tonneau cover works using a basic spring mechanism that makes it easily retractable with no heavy lifting involved. It requires no power tools for installation and instead simply snaps into the bed of the truck by fitting  over the 5th wheel trailer hitches. The Jack Rabbit Full Metal Retractable cover retracts out of the way into a canister at the front of the truck bed. The pull strap can be used to pull the aluminum cover over the truck bed at 12 inch intervals.

Auto Styling Tonneau Covers

In addition to the Jack Rabbit Full Metal Retractable cover, Auto Styling Truckman has a full range of tonneau covers available for sale. All of their covers are constructed using the most durable and superior materials in the industry. The other tonneau covers available for purchase include:

  • Truckman Aluminum Tonneau Covers
  • Max High Line Tonneau Covers
  • Extang Trifecta  Tonneau Covers
  • Extang Express  Tonneau Covers
  • EGR Hard  Tonneau Covers
  • EGR Soft  Tonneau Covers
  • MAX Hard  Tonneau Covers
  • Jack Rabbit Roller Shutter  Tonneau Covers

Depending on the way in which the vehicle will be used, the buyer can select the tonneau cover that best matches their needs. Each cover has its own features and benefits and some can be customized further for added convenience.×4-van-and-car-accessories/

Trusted Brands – Quality Products

Tonneau covers are currently available for many different vehicular makes including Isuzu, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Ford, Mazda, Nissan, VW, Great Wall, and Dacia. Whether selecting the  Jack Rabbit Full Metal Retractable Cover or any other Truckman tonneau cover, you can expect only quality products from trusted brands. For more information about purchasing Auto Styling products, please visit

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