Unlike any Lamborghini ever on the market is the new SUV which is set to be released to the general public sometime in the year 2015. The SUV has a futuristic look and claims to be lighter in construction than any other SUV in its class. Its goal is fewer carbon emissions while maintaining the highest engine power in its caliber. Whether sales of this elite sports utility vehicle will soar or sink remains to be seen.

The Urus Lamborghini SUV was recently unmasked during the Beijing motor show in China. China is currently and excellent market for the innovative car however the United States is the primary target market.  The SUV, “LB736” is part of an entirely new model that Lamborghini is putting out. The move is risky since the company does not produce new lines often and so sales for the future release of this 4×4 are unpredictable. Lamborghini’s design director Filippo Perini stated “When Lamborghini creates a whole new model line, it’s automatically risky since it doesn’t happen so often.” Still the futuristic SUV offers many features that appeal to buyers and sales may be higher than projected.

The new Lamborghini Urus SUV is slated to have a large roomy interior with expanded passenger space. The SUV will have the traditional four doors but will also have a super-powered engine emitting just over 600 horsepower. The projected output in a year is over 3,000 sold at a unit price of $200,000 each. This places the projected profits very high and should easily triple annual production costs. The construction of this new model SUV is planned to be very lightweight with the least amount of metal being used. Claims made by the company state that it saves almost 250 pounds using metals and composites developed in house.

The steering on the Lamborghini SUV, Urus, is to be electro-mechanical and the tires currently on the show model are Pirelli Scorpion Zero tires measuring in at a large305/35 ZR24.Weight distribution on the final production is set to be as close to half and half in the front and back as possible for an even weight distribution. The overall look and feel of the car is impressive and its edgy, futuristic design offers instant appeal. Whether or not this will translate into sales will be more evident once the SUV has been released.

SUV’s are traditionally thought of as family cars with an emphasis on safety. The significant horsepower slated for the Urus may deter buyers whose main purchasing objective is safety over speed. Still, the promise of lower carbon emissions may be enough to attract the 3,000 yearly buyers projected for the Lamborghini. Fifty percent of the buyers are estimated to come from the United States alone. Although it is still too early to determine the sales performance of a car not scheduled for release until the year 2015, with its effortless style and superior design, the high powered SUV may prove to be a bestseller.


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