Truckman is a leader in vehicular accessory and hardtop production in the UK. Their warehouse is situated in the West Midlands and produces quality merchandise for a variety of different makes and models of vehicles. They are well known for their hard tops which cover the back of pickup trucks seamlessly. One of their most popular sellers is the Land Rover Defender 110 hard top. These series are specially crafted for the Land Rover Defender 110 and continue to provide the same durability and protection that customers of Truckman have come to expect.


Color Matching with Hard Tops

Purchasing a hard top from Truckman is like buying a hard top that has been specifically made for your car. Every aspect of the design and function has been carefully considered to result in a superior product. One of the most important considerations when adding parts is to match the color to the vehicle. Truckman has the color matching already finished and adjusted prior to the sale. The color is pre-fabricated to match the exact coat of paint currently on your vehicle. There need be no worry about mismatched parts and sections that look uneven.

Truckman has worked hard to ensure a seamless color match between their hardtop and your vehicle. The Land Rover Defender 110 series is no exception and they have color coded manufacturer paint codes to ensure an exact match with their corresponding hardtops. Some of the colors available include:

  • Alvaston Red
  • Belise Green
  • Bonatti Grey
  • Cairns Blue
  • Epson Green
  • Fuji White
  • Galway Green
  • Izmir Blue
  • Java Black
  • & More

Customized Options

In addition to custom colors, Truckman offers other customizations for the Land Rover Defender 100 hardtops. Some of the customized options available include security grilles and pop-up, rotating vent roofs. These customizations make the hardtop even more of a valuable investment as they add to the functionality of the entire vehicle. The security grilles mask the contents of your vehicle, discouraging theft and break ins while the pop up vents offer added ventilation for the rear of your vehicle.

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There are many reasons for wanting a cover on the back of your vehicle included added security, protecting your valuables from the elements, and much more. With Truckman hard top covers, you can be certain of a quality product that will stand the test of time. For more information about purchasing Truckman covers, visit their website. You will find information about their products for your Land Rover Defender 110 and many other vehicle types.

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