Pulleys are used to increase the automotive performance by increasing the horsepower of the motor or engine. This might seem hard to believe but it is a proven technique that can be applied to your engine in order to increase its performance.

How Does a Pulley Swap Work?

In general engine of your car is central part that provides power to many parts other than wheels to move on. The other parts include the alternator, the air conditioning compressor, the power steering pump etc. all this part are connected to engine, where it passes power to perform their functions. The engine passes on the power to part of automobile with help of pulley system. Within each of these parts, a small pulley system is located, which gets rotated by serpentine belt that is located at the front of the engine.

The small pulleys present in each part of the automobile will take small amount of horsepower from the engine to keep working while you are driving, which is called as parasitic drag.

Well that might not be an issue as it takes only small amount of energy to work two or three small pulleys, but it becomes an issue when you are trying to squeeze every last drop of performance out of your engine.

To make use of every drop of engine performance, many experts suggest installing special pulleys that take less energy to work and are still capable to run your accessories.

There are different types of pulleys that come in different sizes, which you can choose depending on your need.

1. Block and tackle hoist: this pulley system is often seen in shipping because it contains multiple pulleys in blocks to gain mechanical advantage in lifting the material. By doubling up the length of the line to pull the load, then it reduces the input force required.
2. Fixed and movable pulleys: These types of pulleys are very simple. Fixed pulleys are type which can not be moved when the load moves and are therefore serve to change the direction of the input force.
3. Serpentine pulley system: this type of pulley system is connected to several pulleys with a single belt. This can be used in machines that connect with different accessories in a single machine. For example, cars where the engine is connected to different part such as power steering pump alternator and air conditioner compressor.
4. Differential pulley system: this type of pulley systems are used by car mechanics that aid in lifting engines.
5. Supercharger pulleys: By replacing pulley on the supercharger with a pulley of a smaller diameter, the pulley will spin at a higher RPM, thereby creating an increase in boost produced by the supercharger.

Depending on your need from any of the above mentioned pulley systems can be used increase the performance your muscle car.

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