Auto Styling Truckman has established itself as one of the premier vehicular accessory manufacturers. They are known for superior quality products that stand the test of time in terms of durability and performance. Purchasing any accessory or item from the Auto Styling Truckman brand is a veritable guarantee of quality and superior functionality. One such product that the company makes is the bonnet guard. It is made for placement on the bonnet of the vehicle and is both functional and attractive.

Choose the right Bonnet Guard for your vehicle

The bonnet guard you select should be the right fit for your vehicle. This will ensure that it follows the contours of your bonnet and protects it from each angle. The bonnet of the vehicle that protrudes outwards can become easily chipped from road debris such as rocks and stones. If you are interested in maintaining the look of your car, van, truck, or 4×4 for possible future resale, purchasing a bonnet guard is a wise choice. When selecting the right guard, the following coverings are available:

  • Audi                       Kia                          Hyundai               Volvo
  • Chevrolet            Mazda                  Jeep
  • Daihatsu              Mitsubishi           Land Rover
  • Honda                   Vauxhall               Mercedes
  • Isuzu                     VW                         Nissan
  • Suzuki                   BMW                     Subaru
  • Ssang Young       Ford                       Toyota

EGR Bonnet Guards

The bonnet guards sold by Auto Styling Truckman are manufactured by the EGR Automotive brand. EGR is one of the leading automotive manufacturers of vehicle accessories with many of their products being carried under the Auto Styling Truckman name.  All EGR products are quality assured under the strict standards of ISO9001/TS16949, and ISO14001.×4-van-and-car-accessories/

Protect your vehicle

Bonnet guards offer superior protection for your vehicles front exterior. They are especially useful at guarding against damage to paintwork by shielding the surface from scratches and chips. Bonnet guards allow you to maintain your automobile in pristine condition without sacrificing style. They protect you car, van, truck or 4×4 from the elements while enhancing the overall look and appearance of your automobile.  They are a quality product with superior manufacturing and are made to fit the exact model of your car for a snug and secure attachment. Installing your bonnet guard is very easy and does not require any nails or other hardware. This allows the structural integrity of your vehicle to remain intact.

Order from Auto Styling Truckman

Ordering your bonnet guard is very simple and can be done using a secure SSL encrypted shopping cart directly from the Truckman website. Simply visit us to place your order or contact the company with any questions by calling 0845 644 4992.

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