The Extang Hard Folding Tonneau cover is one of the most innovative products available in the tonneau cover market. Its unique folding design adds convenience and originality to any vehicle while protecting the load bed contents efficiently and securely. AutoStyling is a market leader providing consistently high quality products including hardtops, vehicular accessories, and spare parts. The Extang tonneau cover is one of many great offering supplied by AutoStyling and as in all of their products, this selection offers quality and premium performance in one simple package.

The Extang Solid Fold Tonneau Cover

The Extang solid folding cover is built to last and offers complete durability and optimum performance. It is exceptionally lightweight and constructed of Aircraft grade aluminum. This optimized tonneau cover is so lightweight that it is only 1 inch thick with a light alloy frame. The cover can be easily installed and removed with no tools needed offering complete usability and ease of function. Instead of being drilled down, the Extang solid folding tonneau cover is affixed using Safety Klamps which are simple and easy to install in the back of the pickup. The Safety Klamps allow for rapid fold up and release of the cover with no difficult or hard to operate mechanisms.

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Some of the benefits that can be availed from the Extang Solid Folding Tonneau Cover include:

  • Durable Construction
  • Ease of Installation
  • Hardy and Lightweight
  • Easy to Use Clamping Mechanism
  • Sleek, Attractive Design
  • Proven Gas Mileage Savings of at least 10%
  • Full Security and Protection of Load bed Contents
  • Poly Tex Paint Finish offers Built-in UV Protection
  • Weatherproofed to keep unwanted water out

Fastest Installation and Removal

The Extang Solid Folding Tonneau Cover boasts of having the fastest installation and removal times of any other tonneau cover on the market. For buyers looking for an easy to use cover with no screws, drilling, hardware, or hassle, this cover is a perfect fit. It is feature loaded and builtĀ  to last for high performance coverage on any truck. The easy to use clamps provide a simple and efficient mode of installation that still maintains more than adequate cargo security. The clamps are constructed of glass filled nylon and sit conveniently within the rails when they are not in use.

AutoStyling only offers the highest quality items on market and this snappy, efficiently designed tonneau cover is no exception. For more information about purchasing the Extang Solid Folding Tonneau Cover from Autostyling, visit them online today at http://www.4×

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