Tow bars allow you to carry large loads and additional items that simply can’t fit into the back of your vehicle. When selecting your tow bar, you will want to choose a quality one that will not detach unexpectedly causing damage to your items or other motorists. Auto Styling Truckman supplies the strongest and hardiest tow bars which are all manufactured by Witter, a longstanding name in the auto accessory supply industry. You can expect only the best from the Auto Styling Truckman brand and with their record of turning out exceptional hard tops and vehicular accessories, you can rest assured that you are purchasing from the best in the industry.

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Selecting your tow bar

Your tow bar will attach to the rear of your vehicle and there are different options for you to select from which include fixed or detachable. If you plan on carting items for an extended period of time such as with a moving service, you will want to consider the benefits of a fixed tow bar. Detachable tow bars allow you the flexibility to install or remove them at your convenience. The tow bars available from Auto Styling Truckman include:

Fixed Swan Neck Tow Bar – Typically used in locations other than the UK and provides the least amount of flexibility

Fixed Flange Ball Tow Bar – Typically used within the UK for towing and is an affordable solution that attaches using a 50mm tow ball.

Detachable Swan Neck Tow Bar – This tow bar is typically used in Europe and will not trigger a reversing sensor when not in use.×4-van-and-car-accessories/

Detachable Flange Tow Bars – Allows you to tow and carry two cycles at the same time and the tow ball is removed when unneeded.

The Witter tow bars allow you to tow large capacity loads and the various design options allow you to choose between a permanent or temporary installation. Additionally the Witter brand of tow bars has been manufactured for all vehicular makes and models including vans, cars, 4x4s and pickups. Auto Styling supplies tow bars for a range of different vehicle types which include:

Audi                        Isuzu                       Mercedes              Suzuki

BMW                      Hyundai                 Mitsubishi              Toyota

Bedford                 Jeep                        Nissan                     Vauxhall

Daihatsu                 Kia                           Peugeot                 Volvo

Ford                        Land Rover            Renault                  VW

Honda                    LDV                         Ssang Yong


When selecting your two bars, you can choose between twin electrics which are optimal for towing caravans or standard electrics. Whichever tow bar you select, you will find it a durable product with a large load capacity that works efficiently with your vehicle. Auto Styling Truckman provides only the highest quality service and accessories for the car, van, truck or MVP and the Witter tow bars continue to reflect the best quality in design and craftsmanship.

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