Reasons why your spark plugs are malfunctioning

1. Soot deposits
The grounding element, electrode and the plug itself are covered with sooty sediments. The plug is faulty.
Reason: As a rule, sooty deposits on the candle are formed due to an incorrect air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. For example, the mixture can be for some reason with an overabundance of oxygen. Including such a deposition may be due to a heavily soiled air filter, due to a malfunction of the injection system, failure of the temperature sensor and malfunction of the oxygen sensor (lambda probe).
In addition, the deposition of soot can form due to the improper thermal range of the spark plug.

2. Oil on the spark plug
The grounding element, the electrode and the plug body are covered with an oil coating.
Reason: The excess amount of engine oil in the combustion chamber, which can be due to the overflow of oil (above the mark maximum on the oil dipstick). Also, the oil on the spark plug can talk about the wear of the piston rings, the wear of the pistons, engine block and directional valves. If the machine is equipped with a turbo engine, the spark plug oil may indicate a malfunction of the turbocharger.

3. Lacquer deposits on plugs
The lacquer deposits are visible on the plug, having a brownish-yellow color or a green tinge.
Reason: The most common cause of lacquer deposits on plugs are additives in gasoline and in motor oil.

4. Slag deposits
On the grounding element of the plug and on the electrode, large deposits of fuel and engine oil are noticeable.
Reason: Similar slag deposits (resinous-coke) appear most often due to additives in motor oil, which in recent years are most often used by manufacturers. Because of the combustion of additives, large deposits on the candles are formed. It can make the engine and the ignition system malfunction.

5. The central electrode of the spark plug is melt down
The central electrode of the plug is burned out. The edge of the grounding element is also melt down.
Reason : Most often, this can be a result of improper ignition of the car. In addition, the plug can melt as a result of deposits in the combustion chamber, valve malfunction, poor quality of gasoline, and as a result of improper tightening of the plugs in the head of the unit.

6. Rapid wear of candle electrode
At the end of the electrode and the grounding element, a strong wear is visible. The material of the important elements in the spark plug is damaged.
Reason: Poor quality fuel at the gas station with the presence of harmful additives. Poor quality motor oil with aggressive additives. In addition, similar wear of plugs is also observed during detonation and overheating.

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