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The Life of Carroll Shelby

Carroll Shelby lived a truly unique life and was best known for his contributions to the racecar industry as both a racecar driver and designer of high speed super powered racing cars. He died May 10, 2012 at the age […]

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How to buy a muscle car

How do I buy a muscle car? It may look simple for some experts but for others it is tough task to choose and make a decision. For this reason I thought it would make sense to answer this question in this article. This article is for a person who is new to muscle car world. If you want to own one muscle car but have no idea on how to go about.

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Muscle car make and model

For some it is easy to choose the muscle car, but to make it a best buy one needs to follow methodical steps. There are many steps that one must take care when buying a muscle car but for this article we will confine ourselves to about determining the make and model of the muscle car that you want.

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How to build a muscle car

There are many manufacturers in the market who build muscle cars, but there some people who want to build muscle car on their own. This article is intended for those people. A muscle car is made up of lightweight chassis and it is preferably a two door with rear wheel in late 1960’s but started to rebuild with massive engines thereafter. Well here are the steps that demonstrate the process of building a muscle car for any reason.

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Muscle Car Pulley Swap

You might have come across the situations where you need to lift large masses onto tall heights. For example the workers repairing the roof of the house either first or second floor require carrying the tools or material to the roof. In that case they use pulley system to carry tools and material.

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